Cruise Line rip-offs

When you book a cruise over the Internet from various different web-sites or even from the cruise line’s own website, you are lured in with what sounds like an extremely low/reasonable price, BUT as you go through the booking procedure, all of a sudden extra fees are added. ….. port fees and charges, taxes and sometimes even gratuities.                 End result, when you’re all done, the price of the cruise has in some cases almost doubled.

This used to be the case when you booked an airfare ticket. You were low-balled with what seemed like a great deal then as you moved through the booking process  the fees and taxes were added and again in many instances ( especially on overseas flights ), these fees almost doubled the price.

Enter the Federal govt. , forcing all carriers/websites and even foreign carriers doing business in the U.S. to disclose up-front all these fees so you could see ” before ” you booked, exactly what the total cost was going to be.

It’s time for the Feds to step in again and regulate the booking process for Cruise Lines. All fees and taxes etc, MUST be disclosed in advertising and clearly shown on the booking websites, before you are even asked to proceed with a booking.

Further, the Feds should make it illegal and punishable with hefty fines for any cruise line or booking agency to either openly or surrepticiously ( hidden in contract fine print ) ask you pay for gratuities up-front or in advance. The paying or giving of gratuities is an entirely personal decision and you should not be coerced in any way.

The cruise lines have enough other ways to rip you off once you are on board without having to resort to trickery/subterfuge to get you on board to begin with.